Follion Properties is a Platform designed and developed for Property Professionals across the world to advertise properties and services to existing and prospective clients. Our platform provides opportunities without boundaries to everybody around the globe to access advertised properties and services by Property Owners, Estate Agents, Architects, Land Surveyors, Property Lawyers, Mortgage specialists, Estate Surveyor & valuers, Mortgage Institutions, Builders and Building Material Suppliers.
Yes, you can advertise your properties on the platform. However, you must provide proof of ownership, registered title documents for the property from the country where the property is situated.
Kindly give us a call on +447951686345 or email us: [email protected]. One of our Platform Consultants would set up your account for your and tell you how to upload your properties. Also, we will provide online training for you and your staff on how to register and login, how to upload properties, how to upload Know Your Customers documents.
Open any internet browsers and enter https://follionproperties.com. On your top right hand corner, you will see the Register button, click on it. The system would open Login and Register page for you, type in all the required information requested into the Register fields and accept our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy and click on Register button. The system would display account opening confirmation message and instruct you to check your email address for the confirmation email. Login into your registered email address and click on the confirmation link. The system would open Follion Properties Platform Login page for you. Please type in your email address and password into the fields provided during your registration. Once you type in your email address and password, click on login button, the system would open your Account user profile page for you.
KYC is Know Your Customers. This is our compliance process for all our registered Property Professionals or Users. Users are required to upload means of identification into the user profile page. Our acceptable means of identification are International Passport, National identity card, Driver's License. Proof of address: User utility bills or Bank statement with your home or Office address. Business Registration Documents: for Limited Liability Company: Certificate of incorporation while for Enterprise: Business Name Registration Certificate. For Partnership or Professional Firm: Partnership agreement with partners professional certificates.
Follion Properties Platform is using credit package to determine the number of Properties Property Professionals can advertise on the Platform. This Pricing are based on the Subscription Payment Package the professionals subscribed to. Presently, we have the following packages: 1. FREE Package (Maximum of 2 Properties) This is our Introduction Package which is FREE advertisement for a limited period. The Property Professionals would have 2 credits which allow them to advertise the maximum of 2 Properties for Free on the platform. They can advertise properties for Sale or To Let. However, if they want to advertise more than 2 properties on the platform, the property professionals would need to upgrade to any of the three available payment subscription packages (Basic or Standard or Premium. 2. BASIC Package (Maximum of 10 Properties). Our Basic package gives Property Professionals 10 credits on their account. This enables the professional to advertise the maximum of 10 properties on the platform. The subscription payment for the Basic package is £200 yearly. 3. STANDARD Package (Maximum of 20 Properties). Our Standard package gives Property Professionals 20 credits on their account. This enables the professional to advertise the maximum of 20 properties on the platform. The subscription payment for the Standard package is £350 yearly. 4. PREMIUM Package (Maximum of 30 Properties). Our Premium package gives Property Professionals 30 credits on their account. This enables the professional to advertise the maximum of 30 properties on the platform. The subscription payment for the Basic package is £500 per year. Note: All the packages subscription yearly amount are still at Introduction Offer Prices. We will change all the packages prices once we complete our Introduction Offer Promotion.
Any Property Owner or Property Professional can list and sell on our Auctions Page. However, they need to contact Follion Property Platform Administrator via email [email protected] or give us a call on +447951686345. For more details about our Terms and Conditions from 10.1 to 10.14 for Auctions, Vendors and Bidders Requirements.
To bid on any Auctions Properties available on the Platform, you need to Register on the platform and make a Deposit of £1,000 into our Client Money Account with Barclays Bank PLC. The Deposit would be transferred to TDS Custodial and Deposit certificate would be given to the Depositor. Please read about our Terms and Conditions from 10.1 to 10.14 about Auctions Properties Vendors and Bidders.
The sentence "Sell Your Property For Cash'' is for vendors (property owners or Professionals) who urgently needed Acceptable Offer amount from Property Investors for his/her property. The Offer amount is usually lesser than the Market value of the property. This sales process is to register urgent property vendors on our platform and get Acceptable Offer from our registered "Property Investors" on our Platform. We usually call this vendors "Cash Seller". The vendors urgently need "Property Investors or Cash Buyers" to buy the property to avoid Bank Repossession. The Offered amount by "Property Investor" is subject to acceptance by the vendors.
Property Investors or Cash Buyers are individuals or a group of people or Organisations that are registered on the Follion Properties Platform as "Property Investors" to buy properties from Cash Sellers. The Registered Property Investors or Cash Buyers make offers for private or commercial properties Follion Properties Platform Administrator make available to them. The Property Investors Offer usually less or equal or more than the Market Value of the property. To join our "Property Investors" or "Cash Buyers", you are required to provide your contact details through our website. Follion Properties Platform Administrator will only contact registered "Property Investors" for any available urgent properties from "Cash Seller". To register as a "Property Investors" go to https://www.follionproperties.com, at the home page click on "Property Investors" button at the top centre of the home page. The system would open "Prospective Property Investors" page, provide all the required information into the information fields and accepts our Terms and Conditions and click on "Submit" button. One of our Relationship Managers would contact you as soon as possible.
Capital NO. Never make payment for any property without physical inspection of the property, verification of the owner of the properties and the title documents. The acceptable property title documents varies depending on the Country laws where the property is situated. The address and pictures of the property you saw on the Follion Properties Platform must be the same. Furthermore, involve your Solicitor/Lawyer in any of your property transaction. However, if any of the Property Professionals on the platform request for payment for a property from you without physical inspection, verification of the owner of the property and the title documents of the property. Kindly report such property professional to us immediately via email address: [email protected] or give us a call or send us a text message on : +447951686345. We will investigate your report and make a proactive decision on the report.
Yes, you don't need to reside in the United Kingdom or be a registered company in the United Kingdom before you can register and advertise on Follion Property Platform. The Platform is open to all Property Professionals around the World to advertise properties and related property services to existing and prospective property clients around the World.
Yes, you can request for cancellation of your payment subscription package within 30 days. However, we can't determine the exchange rate when we are refunding your payment. Please read our Cancellation and Refunds Policy Statement.
We think it's better to advertise your property on the platform with the currency where the property is situated due to the foreign exchange fluctuation. However, we can't tell you what currency you should accept or advertise your property. As long as the currency you advertised your property is legal tender in the country where the property is situated and you are not breaking any laws of the country where the property is situated. The acceptable payment currency for property is between the vendors and buyers.