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OLADEJI ABIODUN AND CO  is a firm of barristers and solicitors registered with the Corporate  Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria in 2009,No BN2106454 to carry out GENERAL LEGAL PRACTICE and PARA LEGAL SERVICES ranging from legal services, corporate affairs services (formation, management, winding-up of Companies), and real estate services- search for genuine ownership of properties and authenticity of property documents with appropriate bodies, sale and purchase of properties, preparation of DEEDS, (ASSIGNMENT, TRANSFER, GIFT, LEASE ETC)  procurement of land documents ( C of O, Governor's consent, Deemed grant)  Allocation papers from GOVERNMENT/PARASTATAL/ AGENCY. Other ancillary documents are WILLS, LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION. We equally do letting.
Our services equally cover mortgage consultancy.
We help in the negotiation and valuation process of properties, contribute to estate development, rehabilitation of estates, writing of letters of offer, counteroffer, acceptance of offer, etc. 
We help clients to manage their properties, accommodate tenants, prepare an agreement, evict tenants.
The firm is manage

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